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Understanding and adjusting dynamics in any given setting is a challenge - especially when it’s a group of people getting together to achieve greatness, pursuing a mutual goal and building on top of it.


Three central tenets dictate the success of project work and short/long term cooperation - creativity, communication and problem solving.


In training sessions for startups, we will first have a consultation in which we identify the focus area from the above trinity.



Creativity - By relearning, reconceptualising creativity we will be able to gain access to our most innate skill and source of innovative thought.


Problem Solving - Creativity and problem solving can often be used synonymously, because new problems require new solutions, thus a dose of innovation/ creativity is necessary. However, a higher degree of structure is needed for pure problem solving, depending on the degree of freedom/ timeframe allowed for the given problem.


Communication - Finally, without appropriate communication, we won’t be able to tap into the ideas - plans - concepts we generate. Understanding your communication style and how it comes into play with your team is the key to unlocking the smooth path you intend to land on.



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