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Dual 4x4

Understanding and adjusting dynamics in any given setting is a challenge, partnerships are no exception and their individual nature of the relationship adds another layer of complexity.  

Like all relationships, three central tenets dictate their success, for both the short and the long term - creativity, communication and problem solving.

The Dual 4x4 Method presents a tool for partners of all forms to gain better knowledge of, and redesign the systems governing their relationships.



Founders (business partners), couples (romantic partners), other private constellations (family, friends) are all suitable for this particular category of the 4x4 Method. 



While this practice can be applied at any point throughout the relationship, common points in time and circumstances where you will benefit from this insight include:

- The Start of Your Relationship, focusing on the deepening of the new connection

- When Things Are Changing, focusing on understanding and communicating change, either positive or challenging

- New and persisting Conflicts, focusing on creative and communicative problem resolution 

- A combination of the above



In Dual Training, you will first receive a consultation in which we identify the focus area and directionality of the session. Your session will include your individualised creative growth training, an applied 4x4 practice with both partners, followed by an actionable plan going forward to maintain and optimize results.


Dual Training

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