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Combining ancient Greek, Chinese and modern philosophies, the 4x4 Method condenses the creative process and allows the practitioner to capitalize on the proverbial ‘blank page’. 


Bespoke training, featuring inactive action and active inaction alike, the 4x4 is suitable for both private and professional settings, aiming to maximize the intersection between creativity, communication and problem solving.

Each session is comprised of an initial consultation, data collection, 

individualised training, discussion and pattern analysis.

& Eli

Born from the urge to create and the necessity to problem solve, 

the 4x4 Method was crafted and refined by ESHQI's founder, Elisabeth Heller.

Through academia and work, she has lived, i.a. in the UK, Taiwan, Georgia and Switzerland experiencing different kinds of communication, ultimately leading her to optimise creative processes, culminating in the codification of the 4x4 Method. 


Elisabeth, having gathered experience in the strategy and finance industries, has leaned into the research, nature and business of creativity. In her free time, she likes to run and study mobility. Currently, she is preparing and fundraising for BILH Joslin Diabetes Center in partnership with the 2023 Chicago Marathon.

Meet Yourself on
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The 4x4 Method

Of Directionality & Problem Solving.



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